Looking Smarter: A Marketing Strategy

When you’re overwhelmed with appointments and work schedules, good grooming might be the least of your worries. I’m sure you’re thinking you do partake in the basics, daily shower, regular visits to barber shop toronto, weekly laundry and dash of cologne just as you rush out of the house. But is it enough? Or is it in some way affect your business and productivity? Psychology says that good grooming improves how people relate to us and how we subconsciously present ourselves.  So it turns out that paying attention to how you appear to others does affect your business. Let’s look at some ways you can improve your image.

Regular hair cuts

Make periodical standing appointments with your barber. Shaggy and exceeding long hair that keeps you flicking it aside might have been cute when you were a teenager, but now its just a nuisance and a big distraction. Align these appointments depending on how fast your hair grows in order to curb the flicking hair nuisance in time. Keep a short clean cut that will present an image of a professional who is ready for business. Facial hair can also add to a shaggy appearance if not well trimmed. Tame and maintain a clean look that will gain the trust of clients.

Invest in fitting suits

One of the messiest looks is usually of a person wearing a suit thats just too big or too small for them. Its unappealing and makes people not want to be seen or associated with you. It might seem obvious, but finding suits that fit may need some measurements taken in advance. Getting a wardrobe to fitting suits is a costly investment but it has high returns. A good suit thats well accessoried gives off an air of authority and intelligence. It tells the client that you know how to take charge just by the way your suit fits and how dapper you look. You could buy a suit that will work in any situation, from a court hearing to a board meeting. Once you understand the kind of suit that works for you, you’ll realise that people will start taking you more seriously.

Find your scent

So you’ve already worked on your first impression with the impressive suit and the clean haircut. So apart from your stellar presentation, what else will remain in peoples mind long after the meeting ends? Your choice of scent. The type of cologne you put on will determine how people remember you. You need to find something thats subtle but gives a nice lasting impression. The stronger scents that arrive in a room before you do give off an obnoxious perception. Its not in your best interest to choke the client to death with a smothering scent. Find something that will cover your body scent but also compliment you as a person while being subtle at the same time. It might sound complicated, but its very doable. Strive for simple yet effective.

Wrap up

Good grooming and putting forward your best foot will be in the best interest of your business. Show the client that you can manage to run a great business and still take good care of yourself. Don’t forget to match that dashing suit with a great pair of shoes.

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