What You Need to Know About Business Phones

One of the most important steps in the operational setup for your new company involves finding and installing the right business telephone network. Even if you’re running a business out of a home office, it’s wise to get a business line so that you can keep your business and personal identities separate.

Business phone systems Miami differ from residential phone systems in several essential respects. Here’s a look at some things you should keep in mind.

What Do You Want From Your Business Phone System?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what features you want in a business phone system. How many employees will be using the network? Will you be making and receiving a lot of long distance or international calls? If this is one of the features that’s essential to you, you should be investigating Voice Over Internet Protocol providers.

Other features you may be interested in having may include:

• Call forwarding: Call forwarding allows you to reroute phone calls received at your number to another number you’ve specified.
• Automated call handling: Automated call handling gives your direct callers an option menu and reroutes their phone calls according to the choice they make or the time of day they call.
• Extension dialing: Extension dialing allows in-house employees to call each other directly by dialing a four-digit number.
• Conference calling: Conference calling enables you to speak by phone with more than one person at a time.
• Dial-by-name directory: A dial-by-name directory is an application that allows direct callers to connect with specific employees by keying in the first few letters of those employees’ names.

Vanity Phone Numbers

You may want to build your brand identity by getting a personalized phone number for your business that spells out a word that’s connected with what your business does. These are called “vanity numbers.”

Several businesses offer free online searches that will allow you to verify whether the arrangement of numbers you want is available; if it is, all you have to do is apply for your chosen vanity number through your telephone provider. Other companies will set your vanity number up for you.

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